I made this low poly models for an airport racing track in the game Quantum Rush. All screenshots are taken right out of the Unity Engine.

Missile SHZ1

A Missile captured in Unity3D.

ZBrush Characters

The next two pieces were about challenging me doing more characters and improving my sculpting skills in ZBrush.

Asian Gladiator - Light Armor

NPC Girl - Work in progress...

Viking table

When Saemund Kolson came home for dinner in the late evening,  his wife has been kidnaped. The turkey was still warm.

I used this setting for practising comic style textures.

Stone golem

Opening Zbrush, leaded to this stony golem.

Final boss

To get through the first level of "Shoot Shoot Shoot", one of my android phone game projects, you have to defeat this fully rigged and animated final enemy.

Planet of Luna

This is the environment of a student project, I made the environmental assets and a character for. All assets on that planet transform while the alternation of day and night.